Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not Quite A Thanksgiving Lament....

I over-indulged this Thanksgiving. I laughed, I drank wine, I ate pie.

I have no shame in admitting that I am in maintenence mode. The goal is to simply get through December and maintain my weight loss. Originally, I really felt that I could continue losing... but as the days go by the chances of that seem rather remote. I refuse to suffer through the holidays.

Right after Christmas - I am back in weight loss mode. No excuses.

Until then, all of my new clothes still fit, my Thanksgiving indulgence caused me to gain a few pounds in water weight which have already burned off, thankfully. ;o) I'm keeping up with all of my vitamins and supplements far more faithfully than my posts to this blog, I'm afraid.

Has anyone noticed that there have not been any NEW Kirstie Alley commercials since Thanksgiving? I'm betting that twit over-indulged with the rest of us. *evil laugh*