Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Jackass In The Bathroom

Had a morning meeting with my arch-enemy Bathroom Scale this morning. Considering that I've had some issue with water weight for the last week or so I'm pretty pleased at the results this morning.

I'm also back to my normal workout routine, so the goal is to drop 8 pounds by my husband's birthday.

Here is where the jackass in the bathroom tells me I am now...

Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Shwarzbein... Atkins... Southbeach... OH MY!

I've waited too long between posts... I'm still experiencing "issues." So I'm not going to update my weight until I feel it is accurate. I won't bore you with gory details. Let's chalk it up to "water weight" and let sleeping dogs lie.

The kids are back in school and I am back to regular 30 minute Total Gym workouts at least 4 days a week. By next week I expect to be back to my 30 minute morning routine and my 20 minute Pilates routine in the evening.

I'm trying to stick with the low-carb thing. Atkins has gotten me where I am thus far... I admit, I am afraid to try anything else.

In my W2W kit I did receive a lovely copy of The Schwarzbein Principal. It's a cross between Atkins and Southbeach... that's kind of general. But, there is also a large amount of time devoted to "damaged fats." Yes, it's almost as confusing as it sounds.

Still, there is a 4 week meal plan complete with recipes. Supposedly you only have to stay on that version of it (kind of like induction) for 4 weeks. After than you can go to a more relaxed version. But, this is supposed to heal your metabolism.

I'm tempted to try... but afraid to go away from what has been working.

Any thoughts?

Monday, August 22, 2005

WomenToWomen Update

Without going into graphic detail... I'm thrilled with my purchase of the W2W personal supplement system. After 1 week I am noticing a difference. A certain spring in my step...

More importantly, I'm noticing a hormone shift in the right direction.

I'm not posting my current weight because I haven't weighed myself in a few days. It's a female thing. The kids have gone back to school, I'm back to my Total Gym workouts, and as soon as things level out - we'll see where my weight is. At last check I was sitting at 159... sure hope I am still below the 160 mark by the time I have my next early morning appointment with my buddy Mr. Bathroom Scale.

Notice I have applied a male personality to my scale?

There are some similarities... none of them complimentary to either a man or the bathroom scale.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Women To Women...

I finally broke down and ordered from - it's geared for PCOS, Peri-menopausal, and post menopausal support. I've researched, I've looked and this is only one of two places that I have found a complete, natural, system to help restore hormonal balance.

You may recall that not too long ago I swore I would attempt to put together similar supplements on my own because I was not about to pay that much. It's about $270 for a 90 day supply, but they do bill in installments. Now, that may seem exorbitant. But, if it works and according to women who have tried it, they've been able to get off the anti-depressents, than it will be worth it. Plus, if I were to put together all the supplements I should be taking, on my own, I'd be popping pills all day!

I'm not big on pill popping... but, I'm not too keen on having panic attacks either. Given the choice I'll be a pill popper with a big smile on my face!

My symptoms are pretty severe, so I did opt to go with the "severe symptom" product line. But, if you symptoms aren't as severe, you can get away with paying less. They have a nifty quiz you can take to see exactly where your symptoms line up with women your age. It's very interesting and the entire site is very informative.

Monday, August 08, 2005

D-I-E-T not so much fun to spell...

In case you haven't noticed the first three letters in the word diet are d-i-e. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? There is no wonder why the mere prospect of a diet gives people the heebie-jeebies and cold sweats!

Which is why I've adopted the completely B.S. sounding theory of "lifestyle change." As bogus as it sounds... I keep thinking that if I just accept this as a life sentence instead of a death sentence it will make the whole weight-loss process easier.

In truth, I have noticed that the longer I do this whole low-carb thing, the less I crave the carbs and, really, they don't taste all that great when I do have them. The obvious exception being chocolate, cheesecake, and my new-found love pies. Although, truthfully, I don't feel so great after indulging. It usually makes me sick... except for the pies.

I did my usual tango with the grim reaper of dieting, also known as the bathroom scale, this morning with happy results, finally!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lava Colada and Pilates :o)

If you were hoping that I was going to have some nifty recipe for a fruity drink with no carbs... keep dreaming. Although, I am tempted to investigate those happy little things that Kim Catrall has been vamping in recent commercials.

If anyone has tried those and they are worth a damn... let me know, please.

Today was my mom's birthday so I booked us for pedicures complete with foot masks and massages! She ended up with a summer pink nailpolish with blue and yello polka dots on her big toes (very retro... gorgeous!). My pedicurist (is that a word?) was not as creative... so I've got shimmery bright pink nailpolish with no nail art :o(

Still... mom commented on how my arms are toning up. Eventually, I'm considering putting up "before" and "after" pics, but at the moment I just don't have the guts to do it. ;o)

We had lunch at El Torito, it was fun. She had a couple of peach margaritas (woo hoo!) and I had a Lava Colada, which is a Pina Colada with a Strawberry swirl. All fruity, strong, and no doubt, filled with carbs.

Good grief, I'm not sticking with the program too well this week, am I?

I came home, started pounding water and did a 20 minute pilates workout (still love that), followed by another 20 minutes of whatever-the-hell you call those things where you step up on the fanny-lifter one leg at a time over and over again until you want to cry... or scream if you are more the Braveheart type workout enthusiast. I finished up with arm toning using weights.

Yippee Skippee.

I'm not eating anymore today either... that would be to make up for dessert...

You see, I didn't stop at the Lava Colada. I finished with 3/4 of a "Chocolate Volcano" cake complete with Dulce De Leche ice cream and hot fudge sauce. What can I say? It was chocolate!
Oh, and I also had a tiny bite of my mom's birthday flan. Which was quite tasty, but lacked in chocolate. ;o)

I finally got around to placing the order for my diet supplements. I firmly believe that the following items had a lot to do with my weight loss:

  • Cortislim
  • Taurine
  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Cayenne and Grapefruit rind caplets
I also ordered the Zipfizz that Scott over at recommended. It already looks better than sugar-free Red Bull. If it is - I'm ordering a freaking case... or two!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fanny Lifting and Iced Coffee

Still holding at 162... did a 50 min. Pilates workout today because I just couldn't stand to look at the afore mentioned skinny, implanted, lipo'd, blonde hags anymore. Besides, I love doing the pilates workout. Although, my ab muscles usually kill me the next morning... at the moment though, my rear is pretty sore, no doubt from my aerobic/fanny lifting joyride yesterday...

Wait that last part probably didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to, that could get completely misconstrued...

Kinda like the time someone told me that she loved that I "shoot straight from the hips" and I looked at my third child and said, "well, not anymore... that one was my last shot."

Anyway, enough of my yackin' (for you Tap fans out there)...

Thought I would give you my special recipe for iced coffee low-carb style...

I am a Starbuck's addict, I love a good iced cafe americano with sugar-free vanilla and cream. Don't get on to me about caffeine and dieting, blah blah blah... I couldn't care less. I lost the first 20lbs. drinking Starbuck's every day (5 days a week, that is).

My version...

Ice, add a good shot of sugar-free vanilla Torani syrup (and a dash of s-f caramel if you like)
Fill with Coffee
Drizzle in heavy cream, to taste




Pretty simple. Really tasty!

Monday, August 01, 2005

There Is A Sweaty Line Between Love and Hate...

Ok, let's get this one out of the way right now...

For the record, that 22lbs. to go is my first weight goal. That's the one where you say, "Gee, if I could just get down to XXX, I'd be thrilled!" That's what 140 represents to me.

Now, my ideal weight is between 128 - 132. I'd be over the moon with that range.

So, just what am I doing to achieve that?

Well, I'm back on my workout routine. I hate, with a passion, doing "hop about the room like a freaking ninny" aerobics. Cannot stand it... it's like that line from "City Slickers" where Phil goes a bit bonkers at the birthday party and says, "If hate were people... I'd be CHINA!!!!" - that's me where aerobics is concerned.

So, I'm very proud of myself that I managed to pull off 25 minutes of fat burning, muscle building, cursing at the little skinny people on the screen, aerobics today. From there I went into my 20 minute pilates routine, which I love... love with a deep, unabiding, passion.

That's sounds a wee bit strange, doesn't it? But, I do... I unapologetically love to bend and contort around the family room floor... far better than I like "double step touch and squat, drag the foot, and double step touch... now power march!"

Stupid, skinny, blonde, breast-implanted, lipo'd, hags. #!@#$#@#$%#!

Current Weight Loss Goal:
  • Lose 8lbs. by Sept. 01
That's 5 weeks to drop 8lbs. Now, I think that is more than reasonable. Besides, 10 is more realistic and I'd be absolutely stoked if I pulled that off. Still, baby steps... baby steps!