Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Version Of A Cool Down

So I stepped onto my new workout gadget... that side slide or whatever the hell it's called.

I've been fighting off a cold for almost a week now and after ten minutes on this thing I was out of breath, sweating and worn out. I'm all for pushing myself... but I also like to breathe.

So after ten minutes, I slowed down and stopped. I consider rolling the damn thing up and putting it away a "cool down."

As far as the diet goes, I was really good today... except for the whole water thing. What the hell is it about cold weather that makes it almost impossible to drink all the freaking water I'm supposed to?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smaller Than A Treadmill

So, I'm going to be moving in the next two months. I'm thrilled, it's a two-story house! Which means... running upu and down the stairs will do wonders for my ass! A house with a built-in workout, yippee!

Originally, I had planned to buy a treadmill and Total Gym, but I've decided on just the Total Gym. A couple of months ago my mom gave me a sideslide or something like that... anyway, it's a slippery mat with special booties that go on over your shoes and you can literally "skate" or "rollerblade" in place! It's a much better workout than I thought. I put off digging it out of the box... I should have been on this thing months ago.

Anyway, I've been down with a nasty cough and some allergies, so I couldn't pull off more than ten minutes (weak and pathetic, I know) of sliding. Still, it was a great ten minutes and I"m definitely going to be doing this daily. Plus, it's a cinch to store, I can roll it up and store it under my bed at the new house... much easier to deal with than a treadmill!

This afternoon I'm going to get back on the pilates track with a twenty minute workout, that will be thirty minutes of working out and who knows how much time spent packing and doing household maintenence.



2 cups of coffee, sweetened with Splenda and a splash of heavy whipping cream (almost no carbs)
1 Atkins Vanilla Shake (in the can, not bad!)
1 Pria Bar - chocolate mint, tolerable, a great way to curb a sweet craving.

All this has been spread out from 7am to Noon (now)


1 W2W pack
Green Tea Extract

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Post Worthy of the Title?

Maybe... ok, got a tip on a killer butt make-over routine that can be done in - get this - 7 minutes! Check it out, from what I've read it appears that this routine might just have you screaming your ass off for the entire 7 minutes! I might give it a try.

Back to the Total Gym... I've been sticking to the diet for the last week, I've dropped a couple of pounds, but until I get back to where I was the last time I posted my little scale thing on here... I won't be posting the little scale thing back here. ;o)

The sad, pathetic fact is that I can diet myself into sheer misery but am really only going to get the results I want if I add exercise into the scenario. So, I'm back to a 20 - 30 minute Total Gym workout - DAILY and the 20 minute Pilates workout every evening - DAILY. Between those two things I lost 27 pounds last year.

My ultimate goal is a weight loss (from the exact point I am at now) of 30 pounds. From there I can decide if I want to drop another 10 - 20 pounds. Ideally, I'd love to weigh about 125... but, I know that I look pretty darn good at 140 too.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Savoring The Bitchy....

Had a cup of coffee this morning and now am attempting to savor an Atkins shake. I use the term "savor" loosely. I took my Cortislim because I don't give a damn what anyone thinks, it actually works for me.

The cramps are kicking in now and it's making me a tad testy... if you read my other blog you can witness my PMS through my rants about the whole Rent My Blog thing.

Anyway, I'm back on the wagon after a weekend of overindulging... I don't know why I flake out on the weekends. I'm really bad about it and I'm having a much harder time getting back on track than I originally anticipated.

One day at a time... right?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Define "On Track"

Picked up a few boxes of the Atkin's canned shakes. The chocolate is tolerable... at best.

Also picked up some protein bars because I am not one of those people who could survive on a liquid diet. Eventually I am going to have to chew something and if I don't have something that works with the diet on-hand to chew... I'm going to binge like an drunk at an open bar.

Finally got back on the diet track today... I don't know if that actually counts as being "on track" if it's only one day, you know?

Keeping score a bit, I've had one protein bar, 1 shake, a fried egg, green tea and water.

I can do this... I did it before. I know if I can get past the cravings at the start, then it will all become much easier.

Wish me luck!