Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smaller Than A Treadmill

So, I'm going to be moving in the next two months. I'm thrilled, it's a two-story house! Which means... running upu and down the stairs will do wonders for my ass! A house with a built-in workout, yippee!

Originally, I had planned to buy a treadmill and Total Gym, but I've decided on just the Total Gym. A couple of months ago my mom gave me a sideslide or something like that... anyway, it's a slippery mat with special booties that go on over your shoes and you can literally "skate" or "rollerblade" in place! It's a much better workout than I thought. I put off digging it out of the box... I should have been on this thing months ago.

Anyway, I've been down with a nasty cough and some allergies, so I couldn't pull off more than ten minutes (weak and pathetic, I know) of sliding. Still, it was a great ten minutes and I"m definitely going to be doing this daily. Plus, it's a cinch to store, I can roll it up and store it under my bed at the new house... much easier to deal with than a treadmill!

This afternoon I'm going to get back on the pilates track with a twenty minute workout, that will be thirty minutes of working out and who knows how much time spent packing and doing household maintenence.



2 cups of coffee, sweetened with Splenda and a splash of heavy whipping cream (almost no carbs)
1 Atkins Vanilla Shake (in the can, not bad!)
1 Pria Bar - chocolate mint, tolerable, a great way to curb a sweet craving.

All this has been spread out from 7am to Noon (now)


1 W2W pack
Green Tea Extract

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