Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Jackass In The Bathroom

Had a morning meeting with my arch-enemy Bathroom Scale this morning. Considering that I've had some issue with water weight for the last week or so I'm pretty pleased at the results this morning.

I'm also back to my normal workout routine, so the goal is to drop 8 pounds by my husband's birthday.

Here is where the jackass in the bathroom tells me I am now...

Wish me luck!


thordora said...

Wow. Hope I can do that some day.....

maria said...

Hello Amy,

Wonderful news.
You are doing great.

You'll get there girl
and will stay there.


Amy said...

thordora Thanks for stopping by. I admit... it took me years to work up the commitment. This is not easy... I wish it were.

Maria Thank you for visiting. And, thanks for the vote of confidence. I sure hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

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