Thursday, October 28, 2004

My secret addiction...

Ok, so this is 'My Guilty Pleasures' blog which means I can let my hair down a bit (tough to do since it's so short!) ~ I see this blog the same way I see my attraction to chocolate... only this is probably better for me because it gets excess weight off my chest - whereas the chocolate puts weight on my rear.

My (not so) secret addiction is... check this... "Gilmore Girls" - there are a few shows I never miss and while I was completely in love with the West Wing from the start, truth is, not so much now. They lost their way when Rob Lowe left... ANYWAY...

Gilmore Girls... my daughter and I are absolutely addicted. We never miss it. It's snappy, quick, not too heavy on the melodramatics and I have a soft spot for Lorelai and those who know me well know why. Anyway, after all this time it's finally happened. Luke and Lorelai! Could it be any better? I think not. I was concerned that they might change the characters dramatically when they hooked this pair up - but it's just not so. They are great together!

Which brings me to my dilemma. Christopher is back in the picture and hear me now... if L&L break up because of that jacka** Christopher - I am DONE with GG. Finished. My daughter is worried about this because I stopped watching "Charmed" when they broke Piper and Leo up. Haven't watched it since. But, I can honestly say, that was the last straw for charmed. The first was when Shannon Doherty left. I don't think much of her... but I think it was weak the way they filled in the gap.

I think the fans of GG have waiting too long to see L&L get together - if they break them up, it's going to really mess things up. Just my .02 worth.

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