Thursday, September 22, 2005

Successes and Failures...

Loser... and not in the good "weight loss" sense of the word either.

You may recall that my ultimate goal was a 50lb. weight loss by my husband's birthday.

The deadline was YESTERDAY... and the sad fact is that I only made it to a little over half of my goal. I've lost a whopping 26 pounds since committing to this little adventure just 6 months ago. Rather pathetic, don't you think?

Still... I'm committed. But, I have to tell you... I now KNOW the secret.



Dieting only gets you so far... and a comfortable diet can help you maintain any weight within 2-4 pounds. But, without a regular exercise routine there just isn't going to be much weight loss. Since trying to get over this cold I have slacked off on my exercise routine and it appears that my weight loss has stalled. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, but that is easier said than done.

So, I've decided that Monday morning (why not today? Tomorrow? Because I am going away for the weekend and I am going to relax and have a good time, I'll also be monitoring my carb/sugar intake... but I'm not going to sweat this weight loss stuff right now) I am going to recommit myself to my weight loss efforts. In fact, I am going on the Shwarzbein Principal diet for 28 days. Combining that with regular exercise I think I can get my diet back on track.

I'll update you on the exact diet and my progress as I go along.

I'm going to have to create a new goal as well...

Wish me luck!

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