Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No Such Thing As A Sleepy Dieter...

I admit to a momentary lapse of sanity when I chose to go off caffeine cold turkey. By 9pm I had a ear-bleeding headache and I don't have the attention span to even attempt to ride something like that out. It's just not going to happen.

I figure I've dropped about 26 pounds WITH caffeine - I can manage another 20... I just have to buckle down and get to business. No big deal.

That being said, I'm happily caffeinated today... coffee and tea.

I'm also off the freaking Shwarzbein principal diet. I'm sure it's a great diet... and perhaps I'll use it as a maintenance program when I've lost the last 20 - until then... I'm sticking to low-carb because I know it works.
Well, it works when I stick to it anyway... which as of today - I am 100% on board.

Breakfast - steak and eggs

Lunch - leftover steak, string cheese, and a salad.

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