Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ok... just got my daily tip from Dr. Weil (yes, I am subscribed to his daily tips and articles. Occasionally I find them most informative!)

Studies have shown that cinnamon can help diabetics control their blood sugar.

So, cinnamon, cayenne, and vinegar...

More simple kitchen staples that can help in controlling blood sugar.

Interesting, eh?

Today I surfed over to and placed an order for

  • Apple Cider Vinegar plus Cayenne and Grapefruit Rind - capsules
  • Cinnamon extract capsules
  • Garlic - which may or may not have any impact on blood sugar, but I've noticed that when I take these regularly it helps with loads of things from blood pressure, digestion, and preventing colds.
I don't believe I mentioned the other day... but I also regularly take that disgusting tasting Noni juice crap because it is supposed to help regulate hormones.

With all the supplements it's a wonder I ever get hungry.

Still... I guess I'm a bit superstitious because I was using all of these things and losing weight. Even now when I don't adhere to my diet as strictly as I should I don't GAIN weight back... so I'm a little leery of dropping ANY of them for fear of the fat sneaking up and attaching itself to my ass, thighs, stomach or wherever.

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