Monday, April 25, 2005

Yippee - Day 5

Crappy weekend. I had a terrible headache for about 48 hours straight (sugar, carb withdrawal I'm assuming). The good news is that I am down to 178!!! Inching closer and closer to my goal every day.

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better." - my current affirmation.

I was really proud of myself yesterday... my darling husband made fried potatos with breakfast. I stuck to the sausage and scrambled eggs, even managed to skip the OJ (my personal favorite) even though it was 100% natural Naked Juice.

Splurged a little bit last night, we went out for mexican food and one of our favorite spots, I ordered chicken fajitas, skipped the rice, and had ice tea. I did have some chips and salsa (more salsa than chips - an old favorite trick) and still got up this morning to a decent weight loss.

Today I worked out for 45 minutes, 22 minutes on the gazelle and the rest of the time on the total gym. Downing the water too.

I registered with the PCOS Message Board and posted a msg there. It's an awesome resource. I'm looking into the IR diet (Insulin Resistance Diet) because I think it might actually work better than the Atkins - plus it is less restrictive.

Here's to a lighter weight tomorrow...

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