Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moooooo, just close the pasture gate and call me Bessie.

Did a 20 minute Pilates workout last night. Today I was stressing a bit and had a bit of a binge this afternoon. I don't suppose the pilates last night makes up for it, does it?

It's probably just me, but I've noticed lately that when I hit the weight I am now originally last summer, I was thrilled, I felt stronger and had more energy, most importantly, I felt slimmer!

Now, that I am at this weight and even though it is far less than what I started out at, I feel like a cow.

It's cold, so I can't bring myself to guzzle all the water I should be and every day I am finding more and more excuses to avoid following my diet.

Worse yet, here I am whining about it.

My apologies.

Tomorrow is another day... and I'll get back on the horse, bicycle or whatever the hell it is then.

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