Friday, January 27, 2006

The New Meaning Of "Hauling Ass"

I turned 30 yesterday and already I am loving it more than I did my twenties. Of course, maybe the reality hasn't set it in yet? Hmmm... that's enough to make me super neurotic so I'll stop thinking about it.

My mom took me out for dinner last night... it was a lot of fun. The meal was not diet friendly, but oh well, you only turn 30 once right? And, of course, I am a pro at finding excuses to fuck up my diet.

I was telling her that I really want a treadmill. We're moving in a couple of months and I plan on purchasing a treadmill, Total Gym and probably a Gazelle Glider (for hubby... I hate that damn thing).

My mom loves to walk... I don't. I can't get over the fact that you walk AWAY from your car and that by the time you get tired and are done walking you have to walk ALL the way back to your car. If you are on a treadmill you just walk until you are tired and then haul your ass on over to the couch until you feel better. You know?

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