Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Losing My Rear...

Butt and gut - I think these have got to be the top two worries women have about their physical appearance. I worried that my rear was getting wider, flatter, and dropping. I kept having this fear that I was going to reach around to shave the back of my knee and nic my rear-end.

The good news is that the rear is rising and shrinking! Yippee! The work is paying off. And, deep down I am really beginning to enjoy working out. I never thought I would say that. I really didn't. As a general rule I deeply dislike 95% of the things that might cause me to break a sweat. I just don't care for being sweaty and sticky.

Don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed the occasional Yoga workout, but hopping and jumping around for an aerobic workout is just never going to be my thing.

I'm still plugging away at least 5 days a week on the Total Gym and have now added a daily Pilates workout as well. My rear is definitely on the rise and you can't imagine how thrilled I am.

This morning I was at my mom's house and she pulled a picture out from a couple of months ago, in the picture I just happened to be wearing the same capris I'm wearing today and the difference was... well... shocking. Two months ago these pants were almost too small and were extremely tight around my hips, waist, and rear. Now, they are bagging and sagging in all those places, they are loose and comfy.

My mom said that my 13 year-old brother even mentioned how much weight I was losing. I just wish the dreaded bathroom scale would reflect this as well. I'm really trying to pay attention to how my clothes are fitting instead of what the numbers read. But, it's frustrating when you really want to see the scale DROP.

Yesterday, my daughter had an awards luncheon for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for at least 3 quarters. The luncheon was held at a local restaurant that serves all the usual country-fare buffet style. Fried chicken, rice, pasta salad, jello with whip cream, and big squishy rolls. I held my ground and opted for a salad (not pasta!) with shredded beef and a pile of fresh green beans with chunks of mushroom and bacon. I was really proud of myself. In years past, while dieting I always saw a restaurant as a "special occasion" to fudge. Not anymore... I'm learning to make better choices and I'm learning I can fudge here and there and it doesn't mean that I have trashed my diet.

Today I've already downed 25oz. of water, I had a sugar-free coffee with cream from Starbucks, eggs and sausage. For a snack I had a couple of sticks of string cheese and some raw almonds. I worked out this morning and tried to add an extra set of everything. This afternoon I'll do a Pilates workout.

When I started doing this I was a tight fitting size 14... now the 14's are loose and I can fit into a 12. I've had an issue with a rather large bust for several years now, relegating me to x-large tops and severely restricting my wardrobe. My x-large t-shirts are now fitting loosely, I have a waist again and my bust has shrunk. I'd love to get back to a C-cup. That would be great.

When I get ALL the weight off... I think I am seriously going to consider liposuction, breast reduction, and a tummy tuck.

Yep... that's right, I'm still sitting at 174, but I can tell I've lost inches. Just wish the scale would TELL as well.

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