Thursday, February 02, 2006

Define "On Track"

Picked up a few boxes of the Atkin's canned shakes. The chocolate is tolerable... at best.

Also picked up some protein bars because I am not one of those people who could survive on a liquid diet. Eventually I am going to have to chew something and if I don't have something that works with the diet on-hand to chew... I'm going to binge like an drunk at an open bar.

Finally got back on the diet track today... I don't know if that actually counts as being "on track" if it's only one day, you know?

Keeping score a bit, I've had one protein bar, 1 shake, a fried egg, green tea and water.

I can do this... I did it before. I know if I can get past the cravings at the start, then it will all become much easier.

Wish me luck!


T said...

I have to atkins it every spring for real and fake it the rest of the year thanks to a messed up thyroid. Some hints that have worked well over the years... Bacon makes a great snack... so does peanut butter, use low carb tortillas and cream cheese to makes sandwich rolls, cheat once a week or you'll go nuts!

I' atikinsing it right with you so I'll keep you posted!

Amy said...

t Those are great hints, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment.

I have to tell myself constantly, "it is easy for me to lose weight" and, as hokey as it sounds, that is actually helping.

Wishing you TONS of luck!