Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Intentions?

I decided this week that I would try to shave off an additional 2 (or more if possible) pounds so that it would put me just below my goal weight for the 4th of July. So far, it's not looking so good.

I've worked out on the Total Gym (45 minutes) for the last 3 days. I've increased my water intake and up until last night and today - I've stuck to my diet plan.

Last night my husband's mom came over and we made Bahama Mamas (pineapple juice, malibu rum, and a splash of grenadine). We had a REALLY good time... and I woke up this morning with just a smidgen of a hang-over. My husband and I had lunch together and I stopped and picked up Wendy's.

For the last two (+) months anytime I go to a fast food place I always order the bun-less burger and a salad with low-carb friendly dressing. Today, I stuck with the salad (still staying away from french fries) but I didn't order the low-carb burger... I just ordered a double classic, salad, and iced tea. Ugh.

Considering that was all I had eaten up until that point... I wasn't doing THAT bad. Until I was on my way home and drove my Krispy Kreme. I fell in love with Krispy Kreme when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 18 mos. old). For some reason today they just looked SO good that it was impossible to pass up.

Needless to say, Maggie and I had a couple of doughnuts on the way home today...

I'm trying not to beat myself up. But, I am going to throw in another workout today. Might as well burn it while I can.


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