Friday, July 08, 2005

Holding Fast... By My Toenails!

Had a wonderful, treat-filled, cheat-filled 4th of July weekend. I had chocolate (the real deal), pizza, clam chowder, garlic fries and barbecue.

I didn't give a care... I am setting an awful example, aren't I?

Per Pam's advice (see link in the right column) I kept up with the Taurine, water, etc. When I got home I weighed myself the following morning and found that I was sitting at 164! Not bad. Can't complain considering all the bad stuff I embarrassingly gorged on all weekend.

Still, I have to admit the new version of gorging is hardly anything compared to the old version. The old me stuffed herself until she wanted to puke and then ate some more. It was like living in a giant black-hole of cravings.

Instead, I came away from vacation and back to reality looking forward to leaping back into my old routine. The only part of the routine that I haven't hopped back into is the exercise. Tomorrow I am back on my pilates routine... as any mother probably knows sometimes coming back from vacation is harder than not going at all. The laundry... the house... ugh. So, I haven't been sedentary... just haven't worked out. LOL

Still, I'm happy with how I look and am getting better every day! I can't wait to lose another 20 pounds! I feel so much lighter and healthier from just the 20 I've lost! It's amazing.

I firmly believe in setting smaller goals that lead up to big goals - so my next goal is to lose 8 pounds by my mom's birthday, August 8th... I think that is pretty reasonable. That's 3 1/2 weeks to drop 8 pounds. I can do that!

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