Friday, July 01, 2005

Shaved A Pound... Maybe Two!

Well, my hard work this week has most likely paid off... I weighed myself this afternoon, after lunch, and only weighed 165... AFTER LUNCH... MIDDAY!!!

I'll update tomorrow when I get a chance to weigh myself first thing in the morning!

I'm getting ready to enjoy the holiday weekend... twenty pounds lighter. I'm thrilled. I'm also not going to be so stressed over my diet this weekend either. Not that I am going to go wild and blow it... if I fudge, I always try to compensate somehow... and I don't go too far with the fudging either.

For example, the other morning I made Maggie (my 18mo. old) some toast with peanut butter. She ate a whole piece and part of another and I took a couple of bites. Literally, just a couple of bites. Now, the old me, would have eaten the rest of the other piece of toast and probably made a couple more slices. So, I consider that another small victory. I've changed my eating habits a lot. They aren't perfect... I still do things I shouldn't, like having coffee, even though I use splenda and whole cream (no carbs).

Fact is, twenty pounds does not fall of by accident! I'm doing something right...

Now... just another 20 - 30 pounds to go. At 145 I'm in the healthy weight range... but I think I'd be happier at 135. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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