Monday, July 18, 2005

Save Me From Krispy Kreme

It's 105 right now... it's supposed to be 109 tomorrow. We have a heat advisory... and it's poor air quality. I'm retaining more water than a brand new kitchen sponge.

I'm downing ice tea and water like mad... and still not getting the desired effect. ;o)

I'll be placing an order with a lovely little online store this week for several necessities. I found I was losing more weight when I was on Cortislim (I don't know about weight loss in general but between the PCOS and Atkins - Cortislim worked VERY well!).

So, Cortislim is on the list, as is Taurine, and the apple cider vinegar/Cayenne pills. The latter, I found made a wonderful natural diuretic and apple cider vinegar is supposed to have multiple health benefits as well.

I'm also going to do a system detox that is supposed to clean out your digestive system. I feel a good detox is in order because not only am I retaining water, but I'm breaking out horribly. I think it's the heat and the hormone imbalance. But, mainly the heat because I haven't broken out like this in a few years. It's insane!

Obviously, I'm not getting an accurate weight in the mornings because of the water retention, but then, my clothes are fitting better all the time it seems like. So, I know I'm not gaining fat back... still, the scale and I are not on friendly terms these days.


Dana said...

I would love to know what vitamins and minerals would be best for me to take for weight loss. I drink tons of ice tea, just black tea though, I don't like green tea much. What is a good website to go to in order to learn about benefits of teas, natural pills, etc...?

Amy said...

I really like they have a sort of vitamin/mineral/herbal dictionary that you can go through. A great website to go to for tons of information is - loads of great info there.